Hebrew Letter Names

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There are 22 Hebrew letter names. In the lessons of this course, you’ll be offered a fresh suggestion in each lesson for how to grow familiar with these 22 names. Just as a child learns the alphabet long before learning to read or before even really understanding the sounds of each letter, so too in this course will you learn to recognize letters by their names even before understanding the sounds the letters make.



Hi, I'm Nate, and I'm excited to bring you HearHebrew as an encouragement to you to learn Biblical Hebrew. My preference is that you will learn the language as any child learns a language: first by hearing it, then by understanding it in a context, and then by learning how you can discuss the language from your own perspective. On this website, however, I will also be offering reviews on a number of other resources developed by others that may be more to your liking in your Hebrew learning journey.

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